1. Will my child be working with the reading clinician on a one-on-one basis?
    Yes, your child will have the benefit of undivided attention from your reading clinician. 
  2. How long is the reading session?
    The individualized reading session lasts for one hour. 
  3. How many times a week should my child attend reading sessions?
    To make reading intervention effective, your child is required to attend reading sessions at least twice a week.  A minimum of 20 sessions is required to complete a program. 
  4. How long does my child have to attend reading sessions?
    Each child is different in terms of strengths and abilities.  Progress monitoring assessments will be conducted to help monitor your child’s progress.  We also highly suggest that parents consult their child’s developmental pediatrician or school psychologist to come up with a holistic view of your child’s total development. 
  5. How old should my child be before I can enroll him or her?
    ReadPro accepts children between the ages of 4-12 years old. 
  6. My child reads well and he or she is doing fine in school. Can I enroll him in reading sessions at ReadPro?
    Yes.  ReadPro also offers reading enrichment programs for children who may want to further strengthen their literacy skills.